Bringing healing & transformation



An experienced counsellor, Carolyn Wesley works with people of all ages and walks of life - from children to mature adults - across Western Australia. Conducting sessions in person, over the phone, and via Skype, Carolyn works at the clinical level helping people navigate their relationships, depression, anxiety, stress and life transitions. 

Carolyn lives in Perth, Western Australia with Stuart, her husband of nearly 30 years. She has three adult children, a son and daughter in law, a teenage son and one granddaughter. Her family continues to ground her and gives her an empathy for the various stresses and struggles people face in everyday life.



Carolyn delivers counselling that's real, honest and healing.  You'll find her compassionate professionalism and real-life approach both refreshing and relatable. The work you do with her will help build your skills in self-awareness, break down old patterns, heal emotional wounds, and rebuild healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Sessions can be done in person, or remotely by phone or Skype - this is a great option for those living in regional areas.


Employee Assistance Program


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a proactive initiative that workplaces offer their employees to support and enhance their individual mental, emotional and general psychological wellbeing. 

EAP services are usually 24/7 assistance services and can be delivered in person, over the phone, or over skype - as suits each individual employee.



Carolyn and her husband Stuart work together to present their fun and engaging seminars on relationships and parenting. They have plenty of real-life experience to share with people who want to be supported in overcoming the everyday hurdles and stresses of family life.

Carolyn and Stuart are allies for couples who want to learn, grow and, ultimately, improve their relationships with each other and their children.